Photograph by Richard Avedon
Photograph by Richard Avedon
Photograph by Richard Avedon

One reason why I love R. Buckminster Fuller!

Today is the 126th birthday of R. Buckminster Fuller. Polymath. Comprehensivist. Architect/Engineer/Poet.

Or, as I would rather say, “Happy New Orbit!”

And that is the point.

Fuller’s syntax, while maddening to some and naive to others, was purposeful in its intent. One intent was to break language and thought structures he felt were based on conditioning, and ultimately rooted in the scarcity mindset of “there is not enough to go around”. Reflexive responses only keep us in “the Dark Ages” (an era Bucky still felt we were in ) Another intent was…

A guy can last a long time and not at the expense of a woman’s energy and effort. That said good lovin’ isn’t about kama sutra positions.

And it’s not a “erection” lasting. It’s more of a basking in the energy or riding the frequency that one feels. Again this requires the guy to “receive” rather than working for it or “holding” it which is what I think a woman feels and is what tires her out. It is only when a guy feels that “receiving” feeling that he realizes how much he is on output making love, how that…

I have been wondering recently when the next used cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market was going to happen. It’s a nice surprise to find out it was today. I set up the St. Benoit stand and walk to the intersection where volunteers are unloading the boxes of books from the van.

I begin to browse quickly. I have very little time. The books are still in the boxes. Hundreds of them. I find a nice book on sauces and another one on Texas cooking. The third book is entitled “The Cornicopia” No jacket, nice brown binding and I…

Men have an inner life. Men get emotionally abused. Men spend most of their lives saving face.

Women want men to show their true feelings until they don’t. Brene Brown implies this is the moment where they suddenly feel disgust.

In 1990, there were no resources available for men who had faced physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Any man who had the balls to face these issues could only find resources through women’s and feminist bookstores. I felt how far a man would go to save face with the demise of Epic62 in 2015. It becomes a shell game world…

“There is enough to go around for everyone”

This country is in a state of collapse. There has been a perfect storm of what can be considered catastrophic events (Covid-19, economic collapse, open racism, massive unemployment) This collapse is unprecedented in our lifetime. Because of this, all of us are being forced to see gaps in an economic system built around a deeply embedded, trance-inducing reliance on false scarcity. We are being affected by it on a personal level. The system’s failure is evident and in all of our faces.

Buckminster Fuller was relentless in his pursuit of solutions that…

Groucho sings for you.

Anarchy can equal bliss.

Eat corn dogs today

There are times, when I feel unabashed joy,
I think of those who I love and care for.
I like these feelings as it feels like truth. Like home.
Today, walking home from the gardens, I begin crafting a poem
And suddenly think, “UltimateIy, this fighting has to stop”

I like this truth. The presence that comes with joy.
There was Carnation Day at St. Mary’s High School
You could advance order a carnation for your sweetie.
And have it delivered during C period.
Even then, I wouldn’t do just one.

At minimum it was 10.
Every girl I had feelings…

“Satyr satisfies Nymph” by Arthur Fischer.

Maurice Kaehler

Comprehensivist, Writer, and Systems Thinker/Healer. My experience is my sutra and my body is my prayer.

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