Alain Mansion Mallet, 1863

Standing in the warm water.

Bathed in stardust.

Looking at the Full Moon.

Drawing in Luna’s light.

I thought of a friend in a rough storm.

I wanted her to see Luna’s glow.

“Here, take my eyes.” I whispered.

How can I see what you see when I am not with you.?

Her voice is trembling.

“Look through my eyes, “ I replied. “You’ll find out”!

This is what a healer, a psychic, a mystic does.

They give the other their eyes



She wears Doc Martin hightop

Encrusted with rhinestones.

She’s one who’d rather say

“I’m excited” rather than anxious

She looks into a mirror too much

Trying to heighten her expectations.

Rich with words. With faux propriety.

Banal in her sense of style and color.

Her need to personify something else.

Good at social media. The verbal invitation.

Numbers. Sitting at the MacBook. Doing the numbers.

Probably thinking

About how to accentuate her ass.

On target in person.

Projecting the right shade of positivity

The right degree of energy.

Addiction of presentation.

Of hidden needs.

She walks a little bit faster than she wants.

Her tears locked

Behind the chastity belt surrounding her clit.

The chastity belt that surrounds her clit.

Even her orgasms are anxious



Maurice Kaehler

Maurice Kaehler

Comprehensivist, Writer, and Systems Thinker/Healer. My experience is my sutra and my body is my prayer.